5 years down the road, am I wasting my 20s? Or is this a chance once in a lifetime? 

Undoubtedly a looooong lonely journey. 

But, meeting Joao halfway through made me feel like my decision was not thaaaat bad. Some sparks now and then, a tiny bit of butterflies kicked in, a little pinch of salty tantrums. All ended up just perfect, everytime. 

Five days before my birthday, I was caught up by surprise seeing Joao running to check on my present that he asked from everyone's opinions at work. And it was not just a fifty pound present, it is hundreds. Knowing that it has always been me buying expensive things for myself, my heart getting softer this time. When he came out from Harrods with a sealed bag and said "Don't look!", I smiled delightedly. 

Joao certainly made my year a lot sweeter and worthwhile. 

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