Moving to Oxford

My life has been so wrapped up with work that I don't remember myself having a blog. 

Worse comes to worst, my domain has been removed. Costs me like 5 hours and £15 to get everything in place again, including personalised html. 

Fast forward- 

It is exactly half a year living in Bicester Village, Oxford. Well, not as seemingly having a lavish life yet when your rent costs more than RM2,500 a month. That is something that I took for granted, as I always get the best place to live under my parents costs. My first impression of Bicester Village is, apart from everything is expensive than Birmingham, it is indeed a village. You want to go grab some pre-meal food from Sainsbury and you met like 3 people from the place you work. You went for a walk, somehow you knew the person you were passing by. That is the way for me to describe this small village. 

The good thing in here is everything you need is just few minutes away. 5 minutes walk to Bicester North Train Station, 2 minutes walk to a big supermarket, 10 minutes walk to my workplace, Phoebe's restaurant only next door, I can go get a quick comforting food pretty easy. It is so closed that I do not feel lazy to go out. Simply can go in my pyjama. 

Moving places are not really a big deal for me, two years in the UK, I moved to 9 different places. It gives me this exciting feelings that I knew something new is coming and simply means more adventures. Calculating moving costs, the packing and unpacking moments, able to sort things as I wished - makes me happy. It is a bonus having the best landlady who cooks and helped you with the laundry when you have no time to get it done. Work-wise, not the best job but more than enough money for me. With that, I am grateful given the skilled work visa, nothing to worry on this anymore. Facts, it is not easy to get this visa, neither easy for me - I am lucky.

Winter, 2022 

But I do miss Birmingham, though a dodgy place to live, but it feels like home with less suffocating living costs. 

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