2 weeks Hotel Quarantine

Ever since Covid-19 started, trust me, I have asked everyone that I know are they planning to go back to KL or to stay. I was in dilemma since March. Searching flight tickets during midnight and change my mind whenever I woke up the next day. It goes on, until I decided to fly to Dubai to meet my brother, Razi. Had to go through all the travel restriction procedures and keep myself updated cause things might change within seconds, you know flight cancellations and sort. 

A week in Dubai was amazing! I never thought in my life to ever visit Dubai because I thought that maybe I will go to Dubai on my own when I can afford their splendours lifestyle. So having parents and brother that willingly to incur your cost is such a blessing. Though the weather was extremely hot and sunny, but living in UK for months at some point taught me to be grateful cause sometimes I got sick with the cold and windy weather in the UK. 

How I spent my 14 days quarantine in this 250sqft room with a stable mental health condition. 

First, my initial plan was to invite Hanis and Bella to Dubai, so they will need to get a longer hour layover at Dubai Airport. Due to some reasons, we can't proceed with that thus I decided to go back to KL after spending a week in Dubai. Hanis flew off from Birmingham and we met at Dubai Airport catching the same flight to KL. Yeap, you're in good hands when you have a company, through thin and thick until we made our way to the Hotel. My room is actually next to hers. We'd exchange food and snacks and weirdly the weighing scale to keep on track of our health, yes I brought that all the way in my baggage from London to Dubai and to Malaysia. 

Second, I have my support system ready at all times, any moment of the day. Group video calls. Even sometimes, me, Hanis and Bella will FaceTiming even I can hear Hanis from my room 😅. Third, keeping myself busy. Whether do some work or study or watch Neflix. Do not dwell too much thinking that you are stuck in a room for two weeks, but instead take it as an opportunity for you to pull yourself together. Be careful with your own thoughts. 

Today is my last day of quarantine. Thank you to the hotel management, volunteers, police officers, frontliners who treated me very well until today. 

Till then, Adieu.

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