Twenty-Four in Birmingham

Alhamdulillah syukr for His blessings.

I am now in Birmingham and yeah it’s 8 hours behind UTC+8. So I have to bear in mind that my friends mostly gonna wish me early on 1st of May. There are some of my friends’ wishes that I feel so touched and emotional, I even cried because knowing them so well makes me realised it’s not easy to actually make people love you unconditionally. Through bad and good, yet they still love me of who I am. I have shown them my worst and yet they choose to stay.

I have to mention my best friend Laila who always be with me everyday until now. I always can count on her, not just me, everyone can actually count on her. She is the first wisher of the year! She advised me on so many things. She knows a lot about me. Knowing someone that loves me so much makes me feel like giving the world to her. I would do anything to make my friends happy because I know it’ is all worth it. twin bestie who is now a wife to Shaz. She addresses me as Shaz and I hardly can differentiate if she is talking to me about her husband or just simply calling my name πŸ˜‚. Knowing you who is not a texting person, but giving me a long wishes for my birthday makes me feel elated. I cried reading your wishes. So happy to have you and Laila and can’t wait to travel again and having fancy breakfasts with you two!

You both have a special place in my heart!

Thankyou for my Birmingham family for the little surprise πŸ’›

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