Taipei 2019

After a month, only now I’m in the mood to share my vacation to Taipei, Taiwan with my only-travel-partner-to-every-places-I’ve-been, Fatin. She is indeed the best travel buddy I have got so far. You won’t get to know someone enough unless you travelled with them. Me and Fatin will always divide the tasks among us both. I, as always, be the person in charge for flight tickets and accommodation, whilst Fatin, preparing a detailed itinerary for the trip. I must say that my part doesn’t need much effort as hers, but requires me to deal with money cause we are currently doesn't earn any income by ourselves. 

I can’t recall that much on our itinerary and the places we have been, but the thing that I can’t forget is, I look terribly poor in that country, as most of them are using the latest all sort of branded clothings, every bits and pieces. Yes of course, they are the world’s leading chips producer. Even the Apple Ltd need them for the business. 

We went to Taiper for 4 days (exclude the flying time). Since most of them are mandarin/hokkien speaking native, so I tried my best to brainstorm all my knowledge during my bachelor degree taking mandarin classes. The most important thing if you’re thinking to go to Taiwan is, to have a basic knowledge on Mandarin. That’s the least thing that can help you when you get lost or in trouble.

The photos are for bookkeeping purpose. Hahaha Because I’m not sure when or where will be our next vacation together ;( Thankyou Fatin ❤️

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