Bits and pieces I remember

I remember when my brother said to me that I obviously wasn’t born to be a queen. I must agree, I always put my feelings on the surface of any situation which is the first rule as a queen, to put others’ first. I obviously can’t be the people’s heart, as I always care for my heart the most. Don’t dare to break mine for the sake of other people’s wellbeing! I remember when I had a flu and I sneezed so loud (not as loud as his) at the dining table, and my brother said, obviously a queen never do that. I never wanted to be a queen, thus the way he expressed, I find it humorous. A brother will always be a brother, the first person to bring you down and the last person to lift you up. I remember I had tantrums the night before my sister’s wedding, because my dress didn’t go as I want. He listened to my cries and sobbing until he fall asleep on the bench near our house (Yes we slept outside that night, our rooms were hijacked by our relatives) I remember when he reached home and said right onto my face, “Dengaq cerita hang dah gemok?” I was startled and laughed my ass off 😂😂😂 when I heard that silly question from him using northern dialect as it isn’t our mother tongue language. I was speechless for a while thinking what should I say when a person actually asked me that later. My aunt will keep on saying that my brother’s only fan is me, whatever jokes he put on, I’ll keep on laughing and he said the reason why I will never lose weight is because I laughed too much. 

Few things that will live fondly in my mind.

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