Assalam, Hi.

13th July, my bestie just got married and my eyes full of tears being her maid of honor. I had mixed feelings, couldn’t believe yet I’m very happy for her. I actually cried next to her. We were both struggling back then, with studies, friends. A year means so much for this friendship. She has finally meet the right one.You deserve to be happy. You did your best in everything, you showed me how patience actually paid off with something you never think of. You taught me to struggle, and never take the easy way to succeed. You bring me closer to Allah, reminds me of Him. Do good deeds, and always be patience with people. Thank you manis! 

I sat there today, alone, looking at you with your loved one when there were less guests, less busy. In a pensive mood. No words to describe how happy I am, I even drop my tears, ruined my makeup today but nothing worth better than crying for manis, my twin! Hihi. Then I wiped my tears, with tissues that I supposed to give to you. Hahaha. I may rarely contact you, but deep in my heart. You’re truly my best friend I could asked for. 

Good luck manis, one year left in Eqypt. InshaAllah, you’ll do good. <3

Isn’t she’s the prettiest? Aww! 

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