Less than 2 weeks to having my degree

Less than two weeks to end my degree. There were times that I wish time will just quickly pass by. Then there were times I wish I won't get old too fast. I always thought that, final year or after graduating, I'll get more those questions to settle down. But sadly, what I truly feel is that, I'm still the same person as I were in my first year of degree. Young, noob and sometimes innocent. Thus, I feel a bit weird to get slapped by those silly questions. But c'mon. I always get myself prepared earlier, so that I will always look as calm as I could. Tho deep inside, I feel like screaming..."Don't ever ever ever ask me that question again" while grabbing the person's shirts' collar...in my mind. I wonder how it feels like those who almost reach their 30s...and still single. You're so strong and firm, ladies!

Situation 1.
I earn more, to avoid rely on others.

Situation 2.
I don't earn anything and rely on others.

Situation 1, over time people get tired to earn. Situation 2, nothing can be guaranteed. Sometimes, I feel like earning on my own. But yes, people gets tired at some point when they work too much. And some other time, I feel like relaxing and just wait for the other person to do everything. But yes the other person gets tired over time too. So? Which one should I go for?

Success isn't given, 
It is earned. 
On the track, on the field, in the gym
With blood, sweat, and the occasional tear.


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