23rd this year!

A week ago, it was my 23rd birthday! 

Celebrated my 18th, 19th, 20th...still young...then 21st, 22nd and this year 23rd! Calm down a bit dear time, you're moving way too fast. Today I came home, heard mama says that Mama Yah has a future husband nominee for me. None of these things seems humorous to me, I supposed. How dramatic that can be, and I had enough seeing people around me handling those kind of dramas, making me a realistic person of who I am now. 

All I want is to end my degree...ugh. Final exam ended in two weeks but the final year syndrome hits me so hard. The feeling of going back home, every weekend...and papa was like "wow, this kid is living her life like a millionaire's daughter" hihi definitely going back to KL. 

Kuching (May, 7 2019)

Then, damaged is done...Yeay I'm home! hehe

The best birthday present for now is to be at home. 

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