That scary phase of life

I am now in the phase of getting wedding invitation cards from acquaintances. Fuh. Some of my friends are married and some are going to get married real soon, my sister is now pregnant and my cousin just get married last weekend. Wow! Can time be a lil chill? I haven't fully utilised my life as a bachelor yet. This is scary...and I still can't make up my mind that something is actually inside my sister's body. Something is living there. Even she, herself said the same thing. We are really in that phase of life. My parents are now grandparents, having Yusuf as the first *-brat.

What is it like having so many nieces and nephews? I have 7 siblings, and been expecting more of them. Messy house, crowded with a lot of howling, weeping, dramas and children playing hide and seek... oh my! And I will be there, somewhere near the curtains perhaps in corner of the room listening to music, and my mind must be thinking bout 

"can everyone in this room disappear for like few minutes and give me my own space in this house?" 

I am so not ready! I keep on telling my best friends that it will be a lot emotional for me to see them getting married. Perhaps in next few years, when I read this again...I'll laugh for who I was, and for what I was thinking. 

Sa Pa, Vietnam (March 29, 2019)

Till then, 

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