It's March!

Okay, let me turn off this emotional song before it counterpart me on my writing...

Few years back, my writing might look as good as how I speak, but in reality, no it wasn't that good when it comes to speaking. But now, my speaking had improves a lot, rather than my writing. At some point, the words just flow as I talk, but when I do writing, the words did not really come out as easy as it should. Thank you for my valuable internship office because, it builds myself even more!  And I never regret for not taking my Professional English class before my internship (as per planner released by the faculty) I even able to perform well when I take it now. No problem with presentation, communication skills, and confidence. Even sometimes, I am very eager to present in front. It might be because I only present in front of the audience, which most likely their age are below me. 

Last Tuesday, I had an assessment to present. So I did my part, and I didn't know that the lecturer would nominate few awards on few categories (i.e. overall presentation awards, cosmetics, voice modulation etc.) 

The funny part was, right after my presentation, my lecturer asked me, 

Lecturer: Are you a TV host? Perhaps on Nona...because the way you present looks like one. 
Me: Err hehehe (Oh no, please don't sir hahaha) 

Ya, I won all the awards but there are also few other students won the same awards, but I was in all categories. You know how it feels like, when your lecturer compliment you in front of everyone and you know it sounds very honest from a lecturer. Truthfully, I feel like jumping everywhere in the class hahaha. Delightful for everything around me! You know, I never thought I could be somebody that is far way more better than I were. And those people around me, make me see the best of me, every single day. Yes! Choosing your circle is very very very crucial! They build of who you can be, good or bad, either one. And I've seen people who mix around with the wrong circle, and I feel bad for them but you know...not everyone realised how good or bad their circle is. 

And there's a saying says that, 

Associate yourself with people in good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company. 

I keep that to myself since then. So, did you choose your circle wisely? hmm...size doesn't matter, value is! 

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