What a wonderful start of 2019


Haven't wrote any blog since then, because having my most personal time had given me more more time appreciating people I love the most, especially families and closest friends. And again, when I read again my previous posts...how innocent I were. Sometimes, I feel like deleting all those, but then no. That's how I can remind myself of who I were before. And Yes, I read few comments which helps me to open up my eyes and mind. Ya, I shouldn't focus too much...I should go on with less burnout and more bliss. Whatever coming thru in this life, crash on them. Oh and yes, few years before I was struggling to keep myself being positive...and in 2018...I feel like I'm the new person. Maybe because of the people I've met, they bring out the best of me. And they are the people that I wish to stay within my circle of friends. Couldn't be more thankful of how this life has brought me. I am so so so glad! And for a moment, I am finally at the greatest moment of the year. 

I know I cannot be everything to everyone, but I can be what I wish myself to be. And that pleased me enough. 

Some people might call me as people pleaser. Yes sometimes, you become so happy seeing everyone around you to be happy as you are. And you know that, they're happy to be around you. But I do have my downhill sixty sec when I thought being too positive is not really a good thing, but since it helps me the most in becoming the person I want to be, so nothing will stop me either. Because, in every person, every situation, there will always be something good to look for. But the problem is, not everyone will see as what you see. So, move on! 

Life balance is really really crucial. Ya for the past 7 months I worked, I ate a lot, I do cardio a lot (Thank you Dickson!) and now I go travelling, having my me time at the most, do more cardio and yes I lost for almost 6kg. Which makes me feel even better! It's very hard to stay balance while busy with work or study. But I can predict when will be my busiest day and when will be my most free day, at least I still can manage my time to balance it out. I'm not a person who will stick to do my work 24/7, I am not that committed, because work will keep on going, everyday we have new tasks to do, new challenges to face...and in between those, we need our own time. We need to get a life! And when I'm working any later, I will make sure that I won't torture myself too much on work, but things must be done. 

The thing is...I am still trying to figure out my homesickness. That thing really can change my mood in a blink. But so far and so forth, I'm good. So many things running through my mind, mostly planning for this and that. And for that I need to focus and will not let those little nonsense things affect me along the way. Yes, we can do this! Oh and anyway, I gotta say thank you to my housemate, Jane to understand that I care my me time the most. Hihi. 

So I guess this time post, has a lot of difference if we compare to the previous one. Hahahaha. I act more like this in real life, if anyone concerns. And I'm not listening to any song while writing today, so basically a song does can change my mood. That's too bad for me.

I do appreciate the comments. Thank you!

Seminyak, Bali in Jan, 2019

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  1. You've outdone yourself this time, congratz.
    BTW its good to feeling homesick, its mean you come from a Happy Home :D
    Writing SOON



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