Internship noob

As some of you might know, I’m now doing my internship in Penang for 7 months. Staying here all by my own had really gives me goosebumps on how real life and work are. Nothing much can do during weekdays. By the time I went back home, it’s already dark. Wake up in the next day doing the same thing repeatedly. Over and over again. Nothing much to contribute to my carrier development.

Records, posts, accruals and reversals of all the transactions again.

So far, all the people I've met are nice! They’re the funniest. I laugh out loud till I really burst into tears as if I were crying. Luckily it is a multiracial workplace. That’s what I’m expecting as an exposure for myself. But to be a permanent worker here, I have to think twice. It is not as easy as it seems. Few days ago, I left my office at 10pm. Most of my team mates are from Philippines. When I heard they said they went back at 12 in the morning last night, I was like “What?!” Maybe because working is the only reason they are here.

Most of my upper management are all Thai’s. They less likely to talk to me, super hard for them to smile when we passed by to each other. I don’t know what is in their minds. As I heard they’re not in favor of te Malaysians. That’s why they hired mostly the Philippinos into my team last time. But that’s not my real concern to come here. As long as they’re nice to me, I welcomed them. But my real weakness is I don’t like to start a conversation, it feels awkward for me. As I don’t know whether the other person feels like talking to someone or not.

Few months left to end. 

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