Krabi 2017

I almost forgot, I did make a promise to write down my journey to Krabi with my other 8 friends. I know that is a lot! More likely like an entourage of school kids -_-. In addition, we're all actually from the same school years ago. So it does make sense, it is just that now we're all 21 years old. Krabi is really the right place to visit in a big group, you can get more discounts for transportation, island packages which turns to be superb cheap and affordable for all of us. However, I think it is not really suitable for lovers to have their honeymoon over there but not as long as you just stayed in your room. 

We went there for 4 days and 3 nights, well that's enough for Krabi.

Our flights took off in the morning and afternoon. We have to separate, some of us bought the first flight tix and the rest including me in the afternoon. Those who reached there earlier will have to wait for us so that we all can minimize the cost of transportation to the Aree Tara Resort

So we checked in our rooms at 4pm based on local time. However, we failed to do our plan to sneak in everyone into the 2 room of 7 people. Well we're Malaysians, that is normal, we are students some more. The receptionists forced us to book another one room for 3. So we have no choice, everyone has to give up their 600 baht (Total of 4200 bath for one room).

After check-in our room, we went surveying our packages to Phi Phi Islands and Amerald pool. The one that we choose cost a total of 1250baht for 2 days:

Total 1250baht:
700 baht to Phi Phi Islands Full day trip
550 baht to Amerald pool Half day trip

Amerald pool should be include the Blue pool, sadly Blue pool is closed for 6 months. 

DAY 2 
As early at 8 am, we all have to wait at our lobby.

Also as early as 8 am, we waited at the lobby.

Since it was only a half day trip, we swam at the resort's swimming pool. We were so noisy, sometimes the other guest whispered "shhh" out of their balcony. Then we stayed quiet for a minute, then turned to be noisy again. Screaming everywhere for some reasons, of course I drowned myself.

At night, we rent 5 scooters (800baht) I am the only one that actually is fully certified to ride a bike. However, the good thing there is, everyone can ride a scooter. Some of us ride it for their first time, and that was really exciting! I guess riding a scooter with all of them was the most happiest thing to do in Krabi instead.

DAY 4 
It's our last day. All of us woke up late, like 9:30am, because we should be at the airport by 11am. We need to return the scooters at 10am. We still managed to do everything including packing up our things since last night I was terribly tired and my back was in pain after riding for so long.

I brought RM450 (3500baht). I did have a short of 600baht after been forced to book another room. But still I managed to survive for all 4 days. Oh, and I don't shop. I only shop for food at the night market.

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