Every soul shall taste death Part 2#

(I think) I blogged part 1 last time. Perhaps during the time when I lost my grandma and my grandpa both in the same year. I will be a little emotional this time since I am far away from home...(I think I'm always be emotional when it comes to blogging). This is just a continuation of what my mom said to me, when she lost her parents...

My mom once said to me, "I am getting old, all the wrinkles are on my face now...nenek and tokayah is not here anymore...it's my children moment to go thru with their lives...it is part of life cycle" You know, the only thing I was thinking at that time was...I have to be strong when I am later in her place, losing both mom and dad. No one ever wanted this to happen...

Then, my mom said that she can't afford seeing her children getting old like her. She wants all of us to look young forever. She can't let her children to go thru what she felt at that time. Every time I saw my mom, she reminds me of her words...I, myself can't even imagine if I were in her shoes...don't ever leave me mamaaa papaaa. 

In this life now, everyone is busy for money...only the old folks will have time to pray at the mosque, most of the time, I am confuse with this life. The purpose of life. It is good when Allah and angels keep protecting yourself from doing sins...
Human will respect you because of money, from money you get the power 

p/s: Have you ever thought about this? What would you be without your parents?

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