I'm back just for this!

I feel like writing today! After months, or perhaps after a year. So I'm on my semester break, no books, no staying up for exams, no rushing myself to classes, I'm all free now. Just to make everything short and concise, because I want to share everything that happened to me, as long as I can remember them well, but I'm too lazy to make lots of paragraphs, so this will contains so many topics of different things. Might be unrelated and not going with the flow. No matter what, I'm the writer.

How shall I begin...

#1 Standard Chartered KL Marathon 21 May 2017

Approximately 3 months ago, I joined this full marathon. However, like last year, I did very well until it became my personal best for full marathon of 6 hours. Seems, the luck wasn't on my side that day, I had diarrhea during the run. I blamed that to the coleslaw that I ate before the run. That was so torment. I want to run, my legs were good, no injuries at all. But my stomach...terribly hurt. I feel so bad, my running and love partner was so not in mood at that time. I make him not running. And we're both among the losers. That was so bad! Now, no more 42km, I'm into 21km. That's better.

#2 Merisik for my 4th brother 16 July 2017

 I'm being so emotional whenever it comes to my brothers marriage. Seems like my 4th brother is getting married next year, he will be the first to bring an in-law. I woke up that morning a bit late with no intention to go merisik at all. My parents did scold me for being a selfish. I can't hide my eye bags since I couldn't sleep well that night. My face was pale, no smiles at all. I need to be alone for a while. Everybody is leaving.

#3 Raya Open House 18 July 2017

The most exhausting day of all, now I can imagine how tired the host would be to hold a ceremony. Since everything was set my the caterer, we did nothing but just to entertain the guests, still it was tiring. I invited app 20 from primary school friends, 6 from Mrsm's, and 2 from college's. That's obvious my circle of friends are decreasing. I can say now, the open house was a success for my family. Everything went well, except 3 lambs down too early, that's everyone's favorite!

#4 My only and beloved sister passes her Medic Final Professional Examination 27 July 2017

This was an amazing news to every member of my families. Papa cried of happiness and relief since only two that are left for him to support. Hihihi that's me and my not so little brother who's in New Zealand now. I feel so happy since I saw my sister cried right after her exam, saying that she can't so well, she was blur when the doctor asked her questions. But Alhamdulillah, Thank to Allah, she managed to pass, no matter the marks, pass is always pass. Hooray! The graduation day will be on this november. Everyone is coming, hopefully my class cancelled that day. I will not asked my parents to come on my graduation day. It is not because I'm not academically doing well, but I think ACCA certificates are more important than this.

Next week, I will be going to Krabi, should perpetuate everything in here soon. InshaAllah if I have the guts to do so. Ultimate laziness.

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