Done with final examination for this 3rd semester. Another 2 years and a half to end this! Which i'd really hope i am able to pass my accounting paper. 3 hrs are never enough to balance an account, during exam we got 5 accounts to balance. Fuhh, whatever courses you take, it will always be difficult on the first place. Thus, work hard is the only thing helps. Alhamdulillah, day by day i'm becoming more interested to learn about financial statements. Thankyou Lord. For all the sins i've made, You still love me endlessly. That's what everyone should be thank for.

For the past few days, my body clock is getting worse. Even during accounting paper, i drank tons of coffee to keep me awake for revisions. Should do something bout it! Perhaps sleeping the whole day and night for several days. Haih

I'm going home tomorrow.

Don't know what to expect. As all of us are adults now. No more time for a gathering. My 4th brother isnit around, he's on duty on a ship of i dont know where. Perhaps, the only thing i can do is to wash the dishes.

Everything is done for cleaning up my room and packing my things. Missingggg my family so much!

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