Another one tied the knot - Teha

I do not know if you noticed, these few years this blog has been a place where I update which friends of mine tied their knots. 

I received her text yesterday, a photo with wedding dress on. Mixed feelings, yes. But I was too busy with things, I congratulated her and I thought I will video call her after done with everything...but now it's 6 in the morning in Malaysia. Haha.

Someone that I first knew when I moved to KL, and we both wore pinafore during primary school. You know those with pinafore catches people eyes, cause it's rare for Kebangsaan (A national school in Malaysia). I promised to her that I would do her makeup, I would help with the prep and everything if she gets married. In fact, I make those promises to all my close friends 😥. With average of 10 close friends get married, I only attended two 😅 I guess I am the most annoyingly persistent lady. 

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I sat like a tomboy and she crossed her legs like a duchess hmm tells a lot

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