It took me some time to start blogging again, thinking it involves a little cost to keep my domain and it is amazing to see me keeping it half-alive. Tettt. Settling down on your own is a hell of a ride especially when you have to drag your luggages. Carrying 3 luggages is one thing, another thing is one of them is broken and super heavy. But I managed to sort them together and of course with tears and sweats! Living in London is just what I imagined myself to live like. A great 6 am daily morning run, food (which is not really my concern, but I need to eat) and yeah Bayswater is just the perfect spot for people like me in terms of food-wise because Malaysian hall is just 100 metres away from here and they cook Pantai Timur's cuisines. 

Today marks my last day of 'quarantine' which I don't think they ever do any checkups on my whereabout. But, as a citizen, I will just follow the rules at a bare minimum level. If things do not go south after my 8th Day Covid test, I could have go on tube rather than just walking by the park. Teheeeee

As for now, till then

 I bet this had been my daily running pose for these couple of days 😆

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