ACCA Journey 1

As much as I know most people hates sharing their failure in public. Well not me, I sometimes do overshared. I keep records about my life but of course not everything. 

I am currently an ACCA student in Birmingham City University attending online classes from my home country to maintain my visa requirements. I should be in Birmingham by now with Nina 😅 But yeah, our plans all ruined until nobody knows when. I first flew to the UK in January 2020 just two months before the university decided to do online classes, the exam centres were shut, I had to postpone my exam to September and because it was my first ACCA exam, I was so paranoid hence decided to take one paper at a time. 

My temporary deferment ended a month ago. I was quite certain that this whole Covid is going to end by January this year, at least drop in cases. Though I was deferring my semester and I thought it wouldn't hurt giving a try to sit for another paper in December and I need to study on my own. I then took a challenge to do Advanced Financial Management (AFM) by myself. 

My ACCA result came out this morning and yes you guys are absolutely correct, I failed. I got 45 out of the passing rate 50. It is indeed a marginal failure. It is quite close but a failure is still a failure regardless but there is still hope to pass if I get myself a proper class. At the moment, I have three professional papers to go and I feel like sharing with you guys my ACCA journey. It was really some kind of a journey filled with lessons, hardships, heartache, joys, celebrations and special moments that I believe will ultimately lead me to my endgame 🎓

ACCA Journey 

SBR - Passed first sitting
AFM - Failed first sitting
SBL - To be attempted
UK TAX - To be attempted


  1. Love you Reen! ❤️

    1. Sorry Leez! Love you lots and lots! ❤️😘

  2. last you did it....passed all papars..Good luck dear!



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