Living so well

You should be thankful for what you have. 
Im quite coddle. In a situation whereby if it really means should be mine, i'd really work for it. Regards of how (by screaming/crying out loud is really my expert hehe) Somehow, at a moment...
I realized something. Im good so far, my parents did pampered me a lot. 
But then, im becoming a coward, afraid to try new things alone. 
Too much depending on parents, I even ended having less friends, like to be alone. 

I did asked for a car, a month later...there it is, my very own first car. 
Once, when I wasnt chosen to go to MRSM during the first intake, I was crying at the edge of my house corner, well you know... I dont think  my straight A's result is that bad, but somehow, I got in for 2nd intake without even re-applying. 
Have no idea at all. 

Maybe bcs, i always comparing myself with people. Then, i tried to get more and more and more without the need to work hard on my own. 
(Even some ppl also compare me with others, doesnt make sense ergh) 
Recently, the thing that always stick here in my mind is... 

"You have been living so well until you forgot, the less fortune out there" 💔

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