After a long laziness-moment, today i decided to write.
I always wanted to have a journal i mean a journal book, to summarize everything i feel.
Either happy, sorrow, stressed, depressed or anything, as long as i think i can/should.

I always wonder, like every single second. What would i be later on?
Jobless? Can i live on my own, alone?
While others already have their life, i am the only one that will be left behind?

I'm no longer being myself.
Never thought growing up is that hard.
Sometimes, I have absolutely no reason to feel sad/happy.
I can no longer perceive what can make myself okay.

I'm no longer me.
Thinking that am i bad? Am i good? Are they good or bad?
Should I talk with people? Shouldn't i?
At the end, I stressed myself out and decided to stay out of people.

Seeking for advises and supports,
Yet until now...
I'm becoming a quiet person. Being an introvert.

I know,
I should have enjoy myself as a youngster.
It will never be what you ever think. We all live in a different circumstances.
Do not judge. But i can never stop you from asking.
Till then...

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