Yoga! Running! Workout!


I'm back nw! Being home is the best place for weight loss and muscles gain, but for some people it is not the best place. Yoga! Jogging! Workout! 

However, I has been day 4 of fasting 'cause I've skipped for a total of 7 days during Ramadhan. So I ended up being lazy and just sleeping all day. I only manage to do yoga and 2km-run yesterday. However it was good enough for a fasting girl. Wee! My next marathon event would be on 7th August, less than one month left. Then on 13th I fly to Sarawak for Kuching Marathon. I dont know whether I can do this or not :( what ever it is, I surely need to face both! 

I have that problem of chafing and blisters especially during a long run. I still dont know how to prevent these injuries, I have make some searches on the cream for anti chafing and blisters, however it is not sold in Malaysia. I might use ebay to buy one. Hmm maybe later. If I got chafing and blister after Standard Chartered, I am sure enough that I can never do well for Kuching Marathon :( 

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