If it's not an achievement, then what?

Everyone thinks of not getting married or not having at least one kid before reaching the age of thirty is a total failure, well, sorry to tell you this but that is the most lame idea of how a woman success is measured. 

Years before, I found myself succumbing to the fomo of seeing my bestfriends gracefully walk down the isle. But now, those feelings somehow dissipated into the abyss. It is weird that it just gone, and replaced by a relief. When I turned 22, I said to myself, I either get married young or not thinking about it at all. Obviously, the first option is no longer valid, leaving me with the latter option. 

This time, I am not going to jeopadise my well-deserved holiday back home. So, I made a rule for my family, no comments about marriage once I am back or..(I won't state the consequence here but they knew). 

Hope you guys enjoying changing diapers. 


  1. Stumble upon this post. I got married for 5 years, but still have no children. Not ready to have one and don’t know when will i be ready. Some ppl mock me that i might not even have the baby at all as the punishment of family planning. But i am happy as it is. I think some people just jealous that we able to travel without having to change the diapers? 🤣



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